Ex-Honduran President Hernandez, cuffed, removed to U.S. on drug charges

A shamed previous Honduran president was on Thursday April 21, removed to the U.S. to come up against medication and arms indictments.

Juan Orlando Hernández, the once-strong previous president, was cuffed as he loaded up a plane with specialists from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to confront legal actions in New York City.

He faces a three-count prosecution charging drug importation and weapons offenses.

In court archives, U.S. examiners affirmed Hernandez was engaged with a “bad and brutal medication dealing scheme to work with the importation of huge loads of cocaine into the United States.”

Examiners charge that Hernandez got a huge number of dollars from drug cartels, including from famous Mexican medication ruler Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. They affirm he utilized the cash to fund his political missions and occupied with electoral misrepresentation in the 2013 and 2017 Honduran official decisions.

Hernández was captured at his home in Tegucigalpa in February in line with U.S. specialists. He was shackled and strutted before columnists, a sight numerous Hondurans never envisioned seeing.

Honduras’ Supreme Court dismissed his allure of an appointed authority’s ruling for removal.

U.S. examiners have blamed Hernández for energizing his political ascent with cash from drug dealers. The installments were supposedly made in return for Honduran specialists permitting them to work or for data assisting them with avoiding ban.

Hernández has over and over denied any bad behavior. In a video message delivered Thursday, he said, “I’m blameless; I have been and I am overall unfairly exposed to arraignment.”

He has said he is the survivor of medication dealers he removed who are currently deceiving look for retribution.

Henry Osorto Canales, a resigned National Police chief who is currently an examiner, expressed that while the removal was a shame for Honduras, it was additionally a notable day.

This is a beginning since it has started with the biggest political piece that the nation had and sensibly the other pieces will fall, basically those nearest (to Hernández),” Osorto said.

Hernández’s sibling Tony Hernández, a previous representative, was condemned to life in jail in a similar U.S. court on basically similar charges.

Juan Orlando Hernández got down to business in January 2014 and held the administration until this January, when Xiomara Castro was confirmed as his substitution. Castro battled on uncovering Honduras’ defilement and Hernández was viewed as the biggest objective.

On Wednesday, Honduras’ Supreme Court denied an allure from the previous head of the National Police, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, also called “El Tigre” or “The Tiger.” He was captured after Hernández in line with U.S. examiners on comparable charges and is supposed to be removed before long.

U.S. examiners charge Bonilla helped the development of huge loads of cocaine through Honduras, working with Hernández and his sibling Tony Hernández, both co-backstabbers for the situation in the Southern District of New York.

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